Wー二つの世界 OST 2CD 詳細

Wー二つの世界 OST 2CD の情報


出演:イ・ジョンソク、 ハン・ヒョジュ、 イ・テファン、 チョン・ユジン、 キム・ウィソン、 パク・ウォンサン



1.Garden I tell you you Oden to me / Jung Joon-young
2.Let me lie even yo-rewarding night
3.in the illusion you / Basic, ingki
4.Remember (Remember) / KCM
5.FALLING / johyeonah (Urban Zakapa)
6.My heart / jeonwooseong (glow)
7.You and me / anhyeonjeong
8.paint a love / butterfly
9.君がいない私は / エン(VIXX),ヨウン(Melody Day)
10.W. (Main Theme of "W")
11.Title of "W"
12.The gap dimensions collapsed
13.The moment of decision
15.When I feel I'm into you
16.homework for today
17.like a normal lovers.
18.Youth richest man, steel
19.Key of Life
20.The meaning of the Rings
21.The new variable

1.To be continued
2.Two Worlds, One Heart
3.The black shadow
4.sadness that you want to delete
5.Hidden context
6.reason for being
7.entity without darkness
8.Happy Ending yigireul
9.mundane happiness
10.Wait 10 years
11.The present does not exist
12.Time lost
13.The lost memories
14.Real Madrid in the world
15.byeongmat such charm
16.Mad Dog Park Kyo Soo
17.Nice to Caen cheolpaen!
18.The strongest type of asshole
19.I love you!
20.heroine've changed
21.Why do you keep so let me?
22.Twisted Reality
23.tiger face
24.That'm four settings
25.The scandal
26.meokgetda grab hold eaten neuni